Women With Big Boobs Who Ride A Bike Are Actually Stressed And Insecure

Women With Big Boobs Who Ride A Bike Are Actually Stressed And Insecure

Are you a woman and are you a biker? Do you like wearing sports bras and booty shorts when cycling? Do you have big boobs and you love biking? Do you bike because it makes you feel good? Do you bike because it makes you feel refreshed? Do you bike because it boosts your confidence? Do you bike because it raises your trust for yourself?

If you’ve answered yes to all of the questions imposed above, then, you’re in the right place because in this article, we are going to talk about women, boobs and biking. So sit tight, buckle up and relax as well delve into this topic a little bit further.

First, let’s find out the logic behind the reason why women who have big boobs ride a bike because they are stressed and insecure.

Insecurity of body shape

These women, who have big boobs, might feel as though there is something lacking in their lives, as if having big breasts is not enough.

They might have felt under-appreciated for all their lives. They might have felt like the underdog of more beautiful significant women in their lives. These women might not have been given enough credit for all their lives. They might have been compared to other prettier women. Or these women might not feel loved, appreciated or valued by their love ones, whether it be their husbands, boyfriends or their parents.

Women like these, who are insecure and jealous of other women project their insecurities into different factors of their lives, such as their job, their social status, or in this case, in their body shape.

This is one of the reasons why most women are unhappy of their bodies. In fact, by a recent survey in the UK, it has been found out that 97% of British women are unhappy of their bodies. It is saddening to hear this number, but it is the truth.

(Read the full article here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-146021/Most-women-unhappy-bodies.html)

And another medical study has found out and concluded that these insecurities of women are often reflected into their health, eating habits or their lifestyle. Such as women who are insecure develop eating disorder like bulimia and anorexia. Or some of them could reflect their insecurities about their bodies through lifestyle changes such as taking yoga classes or biking, which are admittedly a better path to take than interfering with your eating habits. Bulimia and anorexia are hard disorders to handle and deal with.

By biking, these women psychologically think that they are getting healthier and fitter, and even if they do have large breasts, it is imposing a thought into their minds that they are getting slimmer and prettier than other women.


The reasons why biking

So, why do women with large breast think that being a cyclist could solve their problems about their insecurities and such?

This is because biking offers a whole new horizon when it comes to appreciating the body.

1. Biking shows off the breasts

As women who have big boobs and nice assets, of course, you would be proud and you would want to flaunt it. One of the reasons why women who have big boobs choose biking as a way to reflect their insecurities is because the movement you do when biking, enhances the look of your breasts even more and with every movement, it draws attention to your upper body area.

2. The athletic clothes show the curves

When it comes to biking, the athletic attire usually worn is fit to the body, clinging onto the body of the wearer like a second skin. They could be sports bra and booty shorts or the fit spandex attire. Clothes like these enhance the curves and the size of the boobs even more.

3. Biking is like a show

Yes, biking, in fact, Is like a public show. Especially if you are biking in such a public area where there are many passers-by like around town or in the city, there would be people taking notice of your large breasts while you are biking.

Some would give compliments, some would throw pick-up lines at you, some would even whistle at you, and these reactions that you would get from others boost one’s self-confidence and gets rid of the insecurity.

One of the reasons why women with the big boobs bike are because of the reaction that they would get from other people feeds their ego and helps to bring back their confidence. After all, the most elegant dress a woman could ever wear would be confidence by itself.


Biking enlarges the breast

Another reason would also possibly be because biking helps make the boobs larger.

This is attributed to the fact that if a woman is happy about her breast size, she would want to take care of it and grow it larger.

There have been many studies proving that cycling is a sport that helps boost the size of the breast because of the muscular activity involved with the upper abdomen and the arms exerting effort to hold the bike handles and pedal at the same.

Read full article here: http://www.agirlwhomakes.com/increase-breast/exercises-for-increasing-breast-size/)

Aside from that, it also improves the blood circulation which helps women relax and de-stress from stress our too much workload piling up.

Those were the reasons why women who have big breasts and are insecure, or stressed rides a bike and get into the world of cycling. A majority of it is because cycling helps them deal with their insecurities so that it does not lead to something more serious like depression, anxiety or an eating disorder. Cycling helps these insecure women achieve a positive light.

And there is no problem with women wanting to flaunt their boobs or show what they’ve got. It is not, in any way, coming off as a slut or a whore but it empowers our women and boosts their self-confidence to help them battle with depression or anxiety or falling down into a dark pit of hopelessness. Happy biking to all women out there!