Top 20 Tips to Help You Make Your Bike Ride Smoother

Do you love cycling but tend to make mistakes which hinder your experience of enjoying a bike ride? If you want to enjoy a smoother ride, it is better to keep the following tips in mind which will ensure that you enjoy cycling whether alone or in a group.


1.To combat muscle soreness and fatigue:

Tilt your head every now and then to relax the tight neck muscles. Avoid hunching your shoulders and a better option would be to take a stop for a little while.


2. Changing sitting position on the saddle:

By sliding rearward or forward on your saddle every now and then, you can actually help your muscles rest for a while. This is especially useful on long rides or when you are climbing. Moving forward stresses the quadriceps while in the opposite movement your hamstrings and glutes are pressurised.


3. Do not move your upper body too much:

Let your back be the hinge and avoid the movement of the upper body too much. This will help in not getting tired too early.


4. Do not put your weight forward:

Putting your weight on the front wheel can actually cause the rear wheel to skip in the air. Try to keep a balance and divide your body weight equally on both the sides.


5. Periodically change your hand position:


This will help in elevating the muscle tension and will provide relaxed cruising. Always keep each thumb and a finger closed around the handle not to lose the grip easily.


6. Handlebar width should equal shoulder width:

A wide bar allows you to open up your chest which aids in relaxed breathing. The position of the angle of the bar should be so that it is parallel to the ground which will ensure a smoother bike ride.


7. No splayed elbows:

Your elbows should not be splayed and be in line with your body. This makes it easier to become aerodynamic and go fast.


8. Always keep your hands on the breaks:

While cycling in groups, your hands should always be on the brake so that you can slow down whenever you want without any delay.


9. Railroad tracks:

Choose the side of the road to cross railroad tracks because it is not smooth in the center.


10. During rainstorms:

You have to be really cautious in the first 10 minutes of a rainstorm. The dust and the oil come to the surface of the pavement and don’t get washed away quickly. Painted road lines and steel surfaces become slippery right away. Therefore, it becomes necessary to ride safely until they dry away.


11. Be careful from the parked cars:


In a traffic lane,  avoid being on the sides because sometimes the doors of the parked cars open unexpectedly. You would definitely make the motorists angry in doing so, but the continuous comments are better than getting a door on your face.


12. The metallic sound:

If you constantly hear the metallic click during every crank revolution then the pedals desperately require being greased. Do not forget to tighten them firmly while reinstalling.


13. Moving to the sitting position from the standing one:

When you are moving from a standing position to a sitting one, it is better to gain a few inches by pushing the bike forward. This will ensure your smooth drop on the saddle.


14. Breathing the right way:

When we start losing our breath, we opt to the commonly used method of slowly inhaling all the air around us and exhaling it in the same manner. Instead of doing this, you can push the air out and let it naturally come in again. This also helps in attaining a lower riding position and keep a flatter back.


15. Pay attention to your ears but do not obsess over the sounds:

If you have been hearing sounds during the riding session, then it is better to get all the parts of the bicycle checked thoroughly. Once this is done, you can rest assured and not pay any attention to the further crank sounds which might cause a disturbance in your bike ride. It might be the rails of the saddle as well.


16. Riding single-handed:


While riding one-handed, it is better to grip the handle at the top right next to the stem. If your hand is farther out, the bike can shake dangerously if the front wheel hits a rock or a bump.


17. When caught in a windstorm:

It is better to lose your speed in case of a windstorm. If you want to challenge yourself in this regard and fight the thrusts of the wind then think again because it is definitely not the right option. Even the most experienced bikers tend to slow down a bit in strong winds because there is no point of wasting so much energy.


18. Taking a lead in the paceline:

While taking a lead in the paceline, it is better to maintain the same speed. If you accelerate, you are likely to create a distance gap between yourself and other bikers.


19. Applying brakes:

It is better to emphasise on the rear wheel while applying brakes. By slowing down or momentarily stopping the rear wheel, you will save yourself from a crash because there are higher chances of the front wheel skidding when brakes are applied on it.


20. Riding in paceline:

Instead of keeping your eyes on the rear wheels, it is better to keep a check on the front riders so that you are prepared if they make any unexpected move.


We know that we couldn’t cover all the required tips for cycling but we hope these 20 tips have given you some inputs. Keep exploring new places and enjoy your bike rides!

2 thoughts on “Top 20 Tips to Help You Make Your Bike Ride Smoother

  1. Sarah Smith says:

    My brother got a motorcycle and needs some bike parts. Thanks for the advice about how you should always keep your hands on the breaks. It would also be smart to get bike parts that are within your budget.

  2. Tyler Meredith says:

    I like what this article mentions about breathing not stressing about breathing when you’re tired. It makes sense that pushing the air out and letting it come back in naturally could be a better way to reduce the strain on your stomach and back. I’ll have to keep this in mind for my upcoming trip with my son as he tends to have a lot more endurance than I do and I want to be able to keep up. Thanks for sharing!

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