BIY 2 Bike Frame Kit

$329.00 $299.00

Build it yourself (BIY) bike frame kit 2 allows anyone without prior knowledge to build any bike themselves within few hours. This is made possible with BIY 2’s Builder Jig that is modular and precisely made to allow customisation for all bikes’ geometry.

It allows you to build Mountain bike, Ladies bike, Classic bike, Kids bike and many more easily.

* One set of BIY 2 Bike Frame Kit consists 1 BIY 2 Builder Jig & 1 set of Builder Frame Kit. When you buy 2 sets of BIY 2 Bike Frame Kit, it consists of a 1 BIY 2 Builder Jig & 2 sets of Builder Frame Kits.

**The Main difference between BIY 2 and BIY 1 is that BIY 2 has all the material you need to build a basic bike frame. You do not need to buy epoxy.

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