How Building Your Own Bike Can Enrich You As Parents and Grow Bonding With Your Kids

Build your own bike with kids and parents

As a parent, you’ll probably always be on the lookout for fun projects you can take on with your kids. By sharing the activity, you can create an even stronger bond between parent and child, building on experiences, love and positivity that will stay with your child throughout their lifetime.

They’ll always remember the time you taught them to ride a bike or the first time you rode through your local nature trails together. But what about actually building a bike? Is that something that’s possible?

As it happens, yes. Bikes don’t always have to be bought fully put together from a store. You can indeed build your own bike by purchasing a Build Your Own Bike Kit. Perhaps, one for you and one each for your kid(s)?


What is a ‘Build Your Own Bike Kit’?

A ‘Build Your Own Bike Kit’ is just that – the opportunity to build your own bike from scratch. In the kit, you’ll find all the parts you need to assemble a fully functional bike that you can ride anywhere you want to.

Most kits will contain the parts to create a basic bike frame, meaning the final result is customisable. It’s up to you which add-ons, extras and accessories you add to the bike, meaning the model you create will be entirely your own.

If you’re helping your child build their own bike, why not let them choose how they’d like their bike to look and what features it should have? Not only will it be a great project, but it’ll also mean more to them knowing it’s something they customised themselves.


How long does it take? Is it difficult?

You might think that building your own bike could end up taking a really long time, but it doesn’t have to! In fact, the Bamboobee BIY 2.0 kit can be completed in as little as five hours.

Of course, you should always allow for longer – especially if you’re working with kids who may be more comfortable taking their time at certain points of the project. But even with slower hands, relaxing breaks and any unplanned eventualities, you’ll still be able to get the project completed in no time at all.

As for whether it’s difficult, you may be surprised at how easy building your own bike actually is. Even if you’ve never built anything before, the simply laid out instructions and helpful tips will be everything you need to get started and assemble your bike for immediate use.


Why are activities like this enriching for kids and how do they build bonds between family members?

The involvement of a parent during a child’s project can be essential to their early education. It’s a chance for the child to work on something new and develop their skills, while also developing a bond with the parent who helps them through it.

You’ll both get to feel good about helping each other and getting the project completed, as well as getting to know each other’s personalities and working on your ability to listen to each other, understand each other and compromise together to create a result that works for you both. And isn’t anything that brings a parent and child closer a good thing?

Not only that but taking on a ‘Build Your Own Bike’ project will also help to get your kids out of the house and away from their TV and video game screens, which is a healthy and enriching experience in itself and something every parent wants to help their child achieve.

Finally, it will also help to teach them important skills that they can not only enjoy learning now but also use for practical purposes in the future. It will show them how to put things together (perhaps they’ll develop a knack for home repairs), as well as patience, creativity and problem solving – all of which are excellent traits to have at all points throughout their lifetime.


To sum up, it’s fun, the educational project that provides a great goal for the entire family to work towards.

The best projects are always the ones that feel rewarding as you complete them. When you build your own bike, you’ll be working to a goal that will feel amazing when it’s finished. You and your kids will have your very own bike to ride around and enjoy – especially if you’ve chosen to buy one each and can enjoy the journeys together.


But isn’t building your own bike expensive? Especially if I’m buying one for every member of the family.

While it’s true that there are several ‘build your own bike’ kits available from a variety of retailers that are a little more on the expensive side, that doesn’t always have to be the case.

For example, why not take a look at Bamboobee? Our Build Your Own Bike and Build Your Own Bike 2.0 kits start at just $209 for everything you need to put together your bike frame.

After that, it’s up to you to decide which accessories you want to add to your bike, meaning you can choose how simple, technical, affordable or indulgent the final result is.

Even if you can only afford to purchase one kit to build your own bike, you’ll still find helping your child put the bike together is an enriching bonding experience that neither of you will ever forget.

If you’re looking for the perfect project to enjoy with your kids and strengthen the bond you share with them, building a Bamboobee bamboo bicycle could be exactly what you need.


Stick around here at to learn more about our products or check out our blog to get a more in-depth feel of the Bamboobee ethos and lifestyle – as well as plenty of tips for building your own bike!

When you’re ready to go ahead and start your journey to a personalised bike building project, you can find everything you need in the store. We hope you and your kids have an incredible time building your bike together!

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