Here’s Why Building Your Own Bike is a Great Project Idea

Do you love to take on large projects? Do you feel accomplished after you’ve successfully finished one? If so, building your own bike may be your next project. We aren’t talking about a car, or a motorcycle; however, we are talking about a bicycle! While much cheaper than both previous options, they still allow one to completely customize.


Why It’s Better To Build vs. Buy

Buying an already complete bicycle may be great to those who don’t like to get their hands dirty, but they also lose out on the option to completely customize it from the bottom up. Most people who build a bike don’t build it entirely from scratch; however, being able to choose and customize a frame is a big deal to some.


1. You’ll learn a lot by building your own bike


Only someone who is an avid rider would be the one to build their own bicycle. If someone is a fan of biking, they’ll be excited to learn that they’ll become much more knowledgeable when building their own. By exploring the benefits of disadvantages of each part, they can truly customize a bike that works better for them. There may be dozens upon dozens of questions answered within your journey of building a bike.

Make sure to research more on compatibility and more. Some bikes may be harder to build yourself as the more difficult your bike and added features, the more difficult putting together a functional piece will be. A single speed bike will be much easier than a more in-depth bicycle. Some types of bikes will need to have more features than a basic bicycle. This is why it’s important to research the type ahead of time.


2. Buying from small businesses will have a positive impact on the economy

Unless you’re extremely experienced, you may need to buy parts multiple times. This is because measurements could be wrong or things may not work out so well as they’re put on. Because of this, you’ll be great for small businesses. Every dollar that’s put into the small business economy is another dollar that’s given back to the community. Going completely small instead of corporate is a fantastic investment personally and community wise.


3. You’ll get exactly what you wish for


Like any customized or personally built item, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for instead of buying a pre-made item. This is a huge advantage and of course, the biggest advantage as to why people build their own bike. When you want something that’s different from the rest and different from everyone else’s, this is when you turn to building your own.

Bells and whistles are a huge part of what sets a personally built bike apart from one on a store rack. You may like the color scheme of a bike you saw the other day, but it may not have the functionality or top of the line finish that you want or need. However, you can build your own bike with all these features!


4. You can work when you want and how much you want

Like any build-it-yourself project, you can put away as much time on it as you want or need, or you can get it done within 2 days. Shipping costs are high, so shopping locally diminishes the time you spend on your project as well as helping your local economy.  If you’re someone who loves to spend months on a project adding all of the bells and whistles, building it yourself is a great option.


5. You have the option of refurbishing

If you’ve walked in a store and saw a used bike frame that could use some TLC, you can completely refurbish this frame and use it on your own personal project. Not only will this save you money, you can also score a unique frame that others may not have. When shopping locally or in a thrift store, you’re able to come across items that are often sought out for by many bicycle enthusiasts.

If you’re into the option of refurbishing, don’t stop at the frame! Look for vintage bike seats only that have a unique and dynamic shape, but the ability to be reupholstered. This will give a unique and sleek look to your new and personalized bicycle. Many times, these items will be cheaper than ordering brand new parts in stores. While finding parts that fit these unique items may be hard, they can save you quite a pretty penny and give off a great aesthetic to those who see you riding afterward.


In conclusion


Building your own bicycle can be a rewarding experience. It can also be a knowledgeable experience that can help you discover a talent you never knew you had. Not only can you stimulate the local economy, but you can also create something that fits to the contours of your riding style and your lifestyle. Before jumping into the world of building on your own, you should ride a plethora of different bicycles in your adult lifetime. This will help you get a feel for what you may need on your own bike, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity of putting it on.

Buying a full and complete bike off the shelf limits the customization one can do. It also limits the amount you can achieve with the bicycle. By choosing brands or items you love and trust, you can assure the quality of your bicycle is big and not cheaply made. Last but not least, buying a bicycle does not give one the full satisfaction they would receive if they had built their own bicycle. Think before choosing, as it’s a large commitment, but so worth it in the end.