Get Your Bike Ready For Winter With These Cold Weather Tips

Get Your Bike Ready For Winter With These Cold Weather Tips

If you live in a cooler climate, now is the time to get your bike ready for winter – and that includes getting your bike ready to adapt to the conditions.

Thankfully, you won’t need a whole new bike. There are plenty of ways to get your current bike ready for the winter and ensure it’s safe and protected against unnecessary damage.

Here’s what you need to do before the winter arrives.


Make sure your bike is properly lubricated.

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that your bike is properly lubricated. Any metal framework of your bike will be susceptible to corrosion which spreads fast once it starts.

You can use any lubricant spray (look in your local bicycle store for specific brands) to make handling easier in the icy weather, as well as adding a layer of protection to your bike.

Of course, if you have a bicycle with a frame made from bamboo, there are fewer parts that you’ll need to treat!


Add some mudguards or fenders to your bike.

Add some mudguards or fenders to your bike.

As the roads and cycle paths begin to get wet, they’ll soon become coated with mud, dirt and grit – none of which you want on your bike!

While it’s inevitable that your bike will get a little dirty during the winter months, you can add more protection by fitting mudguards.

These will help to keep the components of your bike – for example, the chain – safe from dirt and debris which could lead to wear and damage. Ensuring your bike parts stay clean will also improve the comfort and quality of your ride.

Fenders are also an option for stopping dirt from praying upwards. Try the Mandy Fender from Bamboobee!


Add some extra protection to your tyres.

Another thing to consider when there’s more grit on the road is punctures.

During the winter, your bike is more likely to get punctured, so it’s important to add some extra protection to your tires to avoid getting a flat tire when you’re out in the cold weather.

There are several options, including slime tubes or polyurethane strips – or even switching out your tyres for specifically designed winter ones.

These will not only keep the tyres safer but will also provide extra grip and keep you safer.


Protect any leather features on your bike.

Protect any leather features on your bike.

If you have any leather features on your bikes, such as a saddle or case, you’ll need to prevent these from getting damaged by wet weather.

It’s a well-known fact that water damage can lead leather to become discoloured, stretched or weakened.

To avoid this, you can purchase a protective coating which you apply to the leather in order to make it more water resistant and less susceptible to damage.

If you like the look of leather features and want to give them a try (using the protective sealant of course!), consider the classic leather range of accessories from Bamboobee!


Make sure all your cables are sealed.

You can purchase cable seals to keep all your bike’s cables safe and working smoothly throughout any conditions.

They are easy to slide onto the cable and secure, aided by a little drop of oil. The process is quick and easy and will ensure your shifts are seamless no matter what the weather is like.


Ensure your parts are made from stainless steel.

Ensure your parts are made from stainless steel.

If your bike parts such as gears, cables, fasteners and chains are not made of stainless steel, you should consider upgrading to ones that are.

This is the most resistant material if you’re looking to avoid rust and keep your bike looking its best – even with the wear and tear that usually occurs during the winter.


Fit reflectors onto your bike.

It gets darker earlier during the winter and may be dull and foggy even in daylight.

That’s why it’s essential that you do what you can to improve your visibility. One way to do so is to fit reflectors onto your bike.

These are a little different from lights in that they don’t require power to work. They are designed to reflect the light around them – such as street lights or traffic lights – illuminating your bike and alerting others to your presence.


Use a silicone spray or even car wax to protect your bike.

This one is easy! All you need to do is make sure the bike is clean. Then, add a slick of silicone spray or wax to your bike – all over, including the components. Simply buff it out with a cloth and you’ll be ready to go.

This will give the bike a polished look while also providing a protective layer to keep it safe.

These are just a few ways you can keep your bike at its best all through the winter, making sure it stays clean and less likely to endure damage from the elements.


Most of these are easy fixes, switches or upgrades that you can do yourself! However, if you’re unsure, most bike shops in your area should be happy to help you out, recommend the ideal products and even get them fitted for you and ready to get back on the road.

Taking care of your bike is just another essential part of living the Bamboobee lifestyle, so be sure to keep your bike in good shape!