What Shipping Methods Are Available?

  • Bamboobee will ship its products in 2 ways. When the delivery is urgent, it will ship directly from our workshop. Secondly, normal postage cost will ship from the major port of different countries. Local partner will be available to support any assistance.

Do You Ship Internationally?

  • Bamboobee will ship its products anywhere in the world.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

  • International shipping will take 9 days on average.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

  • EMS, Local Courier and Fedex


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

  • Bamboobee website allows Mastercard and paypal transactions

Is Buying On-Line Safe?

  • Bamboobee uses a third party security system. We have delivered closed to 1000 customer worldwide with the security system.


How do I place an Order?

  • You can buy any products that are available in the online website

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

  • You can cancel your order within 3 days after it is purchase. Do take note when the product is shipped, you cannot refund for the product any longer.

How Do I Track My Order?

  • A tracking code will be provided when the products are shipped. Depending on the courier selected, you can track the item on the forwarder’s website

How Can I Return a Product?

  • In the unlikely event of damage or wrong size being shipped you may return your product within 7 days of delivery for an exchange or store credit. Please contact us to arrange a return. No refunds will be given.


Delivery Date of BIY Bike Frame Kit?

  • For the best shipping rate, BIY Bike Kit will be sent to different ports throughout the world quarterly. Due to the size and weight of the BIY kit, Bamboobee is working with local businesses to send your kit. 
  • The first wave date of delivery was March 2015.
  • You can ask for an immediate airfreight. Airfreight will cost about 3-5 times more than shipping. Estimated cost is at 150-200 USD internationally.

How many sizes does BIY Bike Frame Kit have?

The BIY Bike Frame Kit has 3 sizes available:

  • Small – 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) below
  • Medium – 5 ft 7 in – 5 ft 11 in (171-181 cm) between
  • Large – 5 ft 11 in (181 cm) above

What are the things included in BIY Bike Frame Kit?

  • Everything you need to build a bike frame. Due to the new shipping regulation, the epoxy for the joints has to be purchased from your local dealer. For the best quality, West System Epoxy is recommended. Epoxy near you can be found here – 1 set of bamboo – 25 meters of hemp fiber – One-time usage frame jig – 6 bamboo bicycle-cable holders
  • – 1 set of stainless steel (304) dropouts (127 mm apart on jig) – 1 set of aluminium (6061 – T4) head tube, 2.67 inches (68mm) BSA bottom bracket and aluminium (6061 – T4 ) 1 inch (25.4 mm) seat tube – 1 pen file – 1 set of reinforced metal wire – 1 roll of transparent roll – 1 instructional manual
  • Please take note that no bicycle parts will be provided. You can buy your preferred bicycles part from your local bike shops.

How can I assemble the Bicycle?

  • After building the frame and with all the required bicycles parts, you can either assemble the bicycle yourself or bring the self-made frame to any local bikes shops for assembly.

What is a suitable wheel size for this version of BIY Bike Frame Kit?

  • The maximum wheel size for the BIY bicycle’s geometry is 700 X 32C. Please take note that adjustment is possible as the BIY bike kit’s dropouts is horizontal (1.18 in/ 3cm for bolt adjustment) with hanger for dérailleur system.

What is the size of the BIY Bike Frame Kit's seat tube? *More Technical FAQ

  • BIY bike kit is using 1 inch (25.4 mm) seat tube. Bamboobee bicycle has been using this size for 3 years with all the in-house bicycles. The selection for this standard allows a smaller diameter seat tube (each bamboo is different). This provides a more streamline body frame and allows installation of Front dérailleur.

What is the standard of the Bottom Bracket? *More Technical FAQ

  • BIY bike kit is using a 2.67 inches (68mm) BSA bottom bracket.

What is the size of the BIY Bike Frame Kit's head tube? *More Technical FAQ

  • BIY bike kit is using 1 1/8 in non-treaded Head tube.

BIY Bike Frame Kit Geometry? *More Technical FAQ

  • *Approximate measures based on current working prototypes. Actual produciton specifications could vary due to each individual

How safe is the BIY Bike Frame Kit?

  • Bamboobee bicycle’s workmanship has been tested under the International Safety Standard for bicycle frames.
  • This kit is a platform for anyone to build a bicycle frame out. The safety of the frame depends on how you make the frame. If all necessary safety and precaution are taken when building the frame, the bicycle will be safe.
  • Bamboobee will not take any responsibility if there is any wrong with the frame from the Build It Yourself Bike Kit. The builder needs to take sensible test to see their frame is up for ride.


How is the Bamboobee Bicycle assembled?

  • The bicycle will be shipped at 60% assembled (International shipping from workshop directly) or/ 90% assembled (Local Delivery if we have a distributor in your country)
  • This means that customers only need to attach the handlebars, saddle, pedals, wheels, and a few other minor parts, as well as some basic adjusting, tightening, and tuning. It is possible to build up a bicycle with moderate knowledge of bicycles. However, Bamboobee Pte Ltd highly encourages all bicycles to be built up by a professional mechanic. The bicycle will be safer and will ride better when assembled and tuned properly. We are also able to ship your order directly to your preferred bicycle shop for assembly. *Assembly tools are provided.

How long is the delivery?

  • Bamboobee ships its products by FedEx and a tracking number will be provided to you during delivery. The average waiting time is around 7-10 days depending on location. * A note on unexpected delays: Most of Bamboobee’s raw materials come from nature, and it means that it may take some time to find consistent parts to make the bicycle. We will inform you if that is the case and seek your kind understanding that we need time to deliver the best to you.

Bamboobee Bicycles' Warranty

  • Our bicycle frame comes with a 03 year warranty and 3 months for the components. For more information please visit : Safety & Warranty

Where is the Bamboobee Bicycle being built & how safe they are?

  • Bamboobee bicycles’ bamboos are sourced in China and Indonesia. Each bamboo are specifically selected and naturally processed in China. Basic frame building will be crafted by craftsman in China and send to Singapore for finishing touches and assembly
  • The quality of the workmanship has been tested under the International Safety Standard for bicycle frames.

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