The Benefits of an Electric Bike: Here’s Why You Should Consider Bamboobee’s Electric Bike Kit

Anyone who’s considering a Bamboobee bamboo bicycle – or perhaps already has one – may have noticed the Electric Bike Conversion Kit in our online store.

If you’re not sure whether to go ahead and purchase an electric bike – or add an electric bike conversion to your existing bicycle – you probably want to know a little more about the benefits of having an electric bike.

If the Electric Bike Kit has caught your eye while browsing, now is the time to learn more about what it can do, how it works and how it could improve your lifestyle. Read on to learn everything you need to know – and maybe you’ll even be ready to place your order!


What is an electric bike?

An electric bike is one that is powered by an electrical system – usually based on a rechargeable battery. This enables the cyclist to go faster, for longer distances and without the same strain as they’d put into cycling on a regular bike.

The bike can either be pre-made with electrical functionality or converted via a kit on an existing bike.


Can I buy an electric bike from Bamboobee?

While we do not offer any pre-made electric bikes as such, any of our bikes can be turned into electric bikes with the addition of the Electric Bike Kit.

The Electric Bike Kit costs $939 and can be purchased from the Bamboobee store and is suitable for any type of bike, including foldies, fixies, mountains, ladies and cities.


What’s in the Electric Bike Kit?

What’s in the EBamboobee lectric Bike Kit?

 The Electric Bike Kit contains everything you need to turn your bike into a functional electric model including:

  • A battery, housed in a special aluminium bottle that is easy to remove and recharge.
  • An intelligent front disc brake motor hub.
  • An e-bike computer power indicator and speed meter, allowing you to keep track of how fast you’re going – similar to a speedometer on a car.
  • A charger for the battery.
  • The necessary rim and spokes for your bike.

With all of this, your bike will be fully converted to an electric bike in no time.


So, what are the benefits of an electric bike?

There are plenty of benefits to having an electric bike, so consider reading up on how it could benefit your cycling lifestyle. Here are just a few points to get you started!


1. You’ll get to go everywhere just that little bit faster.

An electric bike is faster than a regular bike, as it has a lot more power behind it. This is great to know if you’re often in a hurry or use it to commute on a daily basis and need to be at work on time.


2. It could even reduce your chances of being in a road accident.

Due to the fact an electric bike can accelerate much faster than a regular bike, it is ideal for quickly pulling away from traffic lights and matching the speed of the traffic around you, putting you at lower risk. Should an incident occur around you, the additional speed can also help to get you out of harms way faster and keep you safe.


3. It’s a great way to get around that doesn’t hurt the environment.

If you want a method of transport that’s quicker than walking, less tiring than cycling, but doesn’t harm the environment the way a car, bus or train would, an electric bicycle is a perfect solution. Being fully electric, it does not omit any kind of emissions or harm the surrounding atmosphere.


4. Electric bikes are enjoyed by commuters who don’t want a strenuous workout before work.

Commuting to work by bike is great for your health, good for the environment and will also save you a lot of money that would have been spent on petrol for your car or tickets for public transportation. However, a lot of professionals have put off the idea as they don’t want to arrive at work hot and sweaty from a strenuous workout on their bike.

Riding an electric bike is much less physically demanding, so you won’t have these effects while riding it, meaning you can cycle to work yet still arrive clean and presentable for those important meetings.


5. You won’t get as tired.

If you’re still working on your fitness levels and find cycling long distances to be a little too tiring, an electric bike will help to take off some of the pressure. Feel free to alternate between cycling normally and using the electric feature to help you build up your fitness while getting where you want to go.


If you want to use it as a regular bike, you can simply switch off the electric system.

When you purchase an electric bike (or convert your existing bike into an electric one), you are essentially getting two bikes in one. You don’t only have to use the electric feature.

If you want to use your bike the traditional way or give yourself more of a workout, all you need to do is switch off the electric power. After doing so, your bike will just be a regular bike. Turn it back on whenever you’re ready.

If all of this sounds great to you and you like the idea of having an electric bike, there are two options to do so via Bamboobee.

  • If you’ve already bought or built your Bamboobee bike, all you need to do is purchase the Electric Bike Conversion Kit, which contains everything you need to turn your bike into a fully functional electric model.
  • If you don’t have a bike, try one of our Build Your Own Bike Kits or pre-built bicycles – any of which can be compatible with the kit.


We hope you’ll love getting around on your new electric bicycle and look forward to seeing you in the Bamboobee store soon.