How Bamboo Bikes Are Changing the World One Ride at a Time

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It is now common knowledge that riding bicycles as a mode of transportation can greatly change the world. In the sense that a bicycle does not emit any harmful greenhouse gases that may contribute to global warming and climate change. It also provides the user a great form of exercise for a healthy mind and a healthy body.

But how does a bike made of bamboo – a bamboo bike – change the world one ride at a time?


Bamboo bikes are made from sustainable material.

The frame of a bike made from bamboo is made from sustainable material. Bamboo is easily grown. And in fact, it is not a tree, rather it is a grass, Eco Designz shares. (Read the full article here:

Trees have a very important role to play in our ecosystem. They act as water absorbers to hold soil during heavy rainfall and also serve as the habitat for many animals. Therefore, the fact that the bicycle frame is made from bamboo, which is not a tree, does not harm other species and it is also easy to grow and matures within five years, unlike trees that take decades to grow into a strong, huge tree.

Bamboo is also a strong material, so strong that it is used to enforce roads in India and bridges in China, capable of supporting trucks that weigh as much as 16 tons, according to Econation. (Read the full article here:


Bamboo is a better road vibration absorber.

Unlike other usual synthetic materials used for making a bicycle frame, such as aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber or steel, bamboo is a better road vibration absorber. And bamboo bicycle frames are also resistant to crashing, Instron shares. (Read the full article here:

These two capacities of bamboo greatly benefit the rider as cycling could be made easier like a breeze and there would be little to no problems to be encountered while riding the bamboo bike. The road vibration absorber ability of bamboo bikes help reduce the fatigue and shock felt by the rider often associated to carbon fiber bicycle frames. The rider would feel stable riding the bike and at the same time, no road shocks are felt.


Bamboo bikes are stylish and cool.

Zacchary Reiss-Davis, owner of a mountain, road and hybrid bikes, shares that he personally thinks a bamboo bike looks stylish and cool, and many people would give positive comments when you ride one.

The frame may look unique from the usual frame of a bike made from steal as it exhibits a bamboo furnished look and although a bamboo bike might look like it came from nature, it is still stylish and classy.

What are you waiting for? Find a near bamboo bike store near you and change the world with every ride! Not only will your receive comments from your friends, you will also help the world in small steps.