6 Amusing Routes For Night Cycling In Singapore

Night cycling is increasingly gaining popularity across the globe. It is, after all, an adventurous experience. The streets look entirely different at night. There is less or no traffic, the street lights bring about an ambiance that inspires the fearless person inside you, and the climate is more relaxed than usual. Isn’t just the description pleasing enough for you to get on a cycle and go around the city?

Today, we look at the six best routes for night cycling in Singapore!


1. For The First-Timers: The North Eastern Riverine Loop

If you are going out for night cycling for the first time, it may seem a little daunting in the beginning. However, once you experience your tour, there is nothing that will make you stop yourself from more such adventures! The North Eastern Riverine Loop has wide and smooth to follow roads, hence is a perfect route for first timers. Start at the Punggol Park and follow the park connectors through heartlands of Buangkok and Sengkang. While you cross some of the iconic landmarks like the picturesque Punggol Waterfront and Coney Island entrance signage, you will have plenty of photographs for that perfect-travel Instagram posts!

Also, since this one is one of the most recommended and famous night cycling routes in Singapore, the National Park Board has a quick guide, which you can view here.


2. For A Scenic Trail Lovers: The Eastern Coastal Loop

This too is a popular route that attracts thousands of cyclists. The Eastern Coastal Loop is a pleasant route via which you ride along to beaches of Pasir Ris, the East Coast Park and the calm waters of Bedok Reservoir. This trail has a master card- a scenic view of the ocean with cool sea breeze to calm your night down.

A part of this amazing route is the Coastal Park Connector leg that runs parallel to the runway of Changi Airport! Take a break and watch those airplanes in the night sky and early morning take offs. It is an experience you should not miss.


3. For Those Who Love A City Adventure: Marina Bay

For Those Who Love A City Adventure: Marina Bay

When you think of a cycling trip, streets with greenery or beaches are the first locations to cross your mind. However, living in urban cities, these routes aren’t possible always. Thus, take a tour around the Marina Bay. It is going to be a fantastic experience, trust us! Go ahead and explore the concrete jungle with a stunning view of the skyline.

There isn’t a specific route for this adventure. City cycling tours are flexible to suit your preferences. However, don’t miss out on a few iconic places like the Art Science Museum bayfront, the Esplanade and of course the Merlion. While the city sleeps, take this route and experience something like never before!


4. For The Nature-Lovers: The Northern Explorer Loop

This is the route where you will witness the untouched wildlife- mangroves and water swamps. One of the most soothing trails, you can start off from Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, cycle through the heartlands of the Woodlands and travel across the Mandai Park Connector, all the way to Admiralty Park. Go ahead to the Woodlands Waterfront jetty for an admiring view of the coast of Johor Bahru, just across the unruffled Johor Strait.

It usually takes only about two hours for this cycling tour at night. So you can take plenty of breaks and time to admire the views and take a peaceful break from the hectic urban lifestyle.


5. For A Blast From The Past: Pulau Ubin

For those of you who are looking for some real adventure, head out of the mainland of Singapore to the rustic Pulau Ubin Island! Here, you have quite a few options as per your interests. You can either explore the traditional kampongs and quarries on the main cycling paths for a pastoral, charming experience. Otherwise, you can go for the 10km Ketam Mountain Bike Park trails, located in the suburbs of Pulau Ubin.

Though most of the tracks designated for cycling are differentiated and safe, some routes like the Black Diamond are dirt paths. So if you are not an experienced cyclist, wear a protective gear and be sure your cycle lights are turned on. You can also get a Bamboo Bike, which provides extreme comfort to your overall biking experience.

A bumboat ride from Changi village will cost around $3 plus $2 if you take your cycle along.


6. For The Foodies: From Esplanade To Changi Village

For the food lovers, we’ve got just the ideal route for you! While you cycle around at night, your stomach awakens to hunger. If you know the lifestyle of the city, you must know some delicious food joints around, so why not combine the two experiences?

You can start your route at the well known Makansutra Gluttons Bay at the Esplanade for a feast of some of the best local dishes. Then, head towards the east, to Sims Avenue if you want a quick snack at 126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi. As you cycle some more, you can stop by at Simpang Bedok.

Now that you’ve traveled so much, take one more stop at 89.7Fm Supper Club at Changi Village!


It does not really matter if you are a nature lover, a fitness freak or a foodie, if you have a passion for adventure, get yourself a bamboo cycle and get started with night cycling in Singapore!  Explore the city from a completely new angle and enjoy the mini-vacations your cycle will take you to!